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ESL revealed that the long-awaited update to the Chernobyl-themed map has been finished in a post on Twitter. FMPONE has been reworking his signature map for over a year now and has generally kept fans in the dark regarding the process. The only hints about that progress has been periodic updates on Twitter which featuring the minimap with check marks denoting which areas have been finished. Details have been scarce on what precise changes are scheduled, with the sole media released on the update being a video of the remodeled A-side bombsite. Progress started moving rapidly in April. But instead of the map itself, a trailer, or even some screen grabs, FMPONE gave fans no clue as to what was in store or when they might find out.

Valve updates CSGO map pool and Cache leaks

By doing that, they have introduced P X-Ray as an special item only available in France. Using any kind of VPN to get access to unique item will result in an account ban, as stated in Steam Subscriber Agreement. For the approximate price of a single key You are able to receive one of the six variants of the skin:. Both maps has been added to non ranked matchmaking option, which is Scrimmage.

Valve has been completely quiet regarding the map and that makes it unclear if it will arrive in any official matchmaking capacity, either in.

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When is updated Cache coming to CS:GO matchmaking?

Keep updated by subscribing to our newsletter! Cache is not a new CS:GO map. It has been a popular map since its initial introduction via Operation Bravo, before being added officially in Operation Breakout.

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The creators of the map opened the final day of the event by discussing the changes and their creative process. The Cache update is primarily a visual one, setting the map apart aesthetically from other CSGO levels. While CSGO often features varying shades of brown and gray, Cache is now much more colorful, with brighter indoor areas and a greater focus on how overgrown the real-life Chernobyl is. For the most part, the core features of the map remain untouched.

There is an open mid area for long-range battles, an enclosed B bomb site that can be attacked from multiple angles, and an A bomb site with a lot of nooks and crannies to hide or find cover in. However, there are a handful of notable changes that shake up the strategies for attacking each area. Cache has long been among the most T-sided maps in CSGO and there were several changes made to address this.

The pathway from the A-side bomb site to truck has seemingly been widened and a new box has been added. This provides extra cover while defending the site, as well as a new angle for watching the main entrance to the site. The wall running along that area has also been lowered which allows grenades to be thrown onto the bomb site.

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why was cache removed csgo.

Cache, a favorite in the CSGO competitive map pool, is currently being remade, and we now have a rough estimate of when the reworked map is going to be released to the public. On March 29, Cache was removed from the active duty competitive map pool of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and replaced with Vertigo. Like many maps before it, Cache was removed so that the original creator could begin the process of re-working it. Release date will be shortly after New York.

We will process feedback from the event first before public release. Wisely, it appears that FMPONE is waiting for community feedback from fans and pro players before releasing the reworked map. We can estimate that the new Cache will be released to the public in early October. Train was reworked and reintroduced in December , and returned to active duty in March Nuke was removed when Train came back, and after some major changes, Nuke returned in February A year later, Dust II was removed from active duty and came back revamped in October ESL New York.

Valve Vertigo was added to the active pool after Cache was removed.

The new version of Cache is now available in the Steam workshop

Recently, CSGO updated Cache to give it a much needed facelift; with it comes adjustments to the map structure and how it plays. With that, there are new smokes , jump spots and wallbangs you can execute; you’ll want to be informed about the best New Cache Tips and Tricks you can use. There are lots of tutorials and videos floating around the internet, trying to master the best strategies and tactics to help you dominate the map.

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With the introduction of Operation Breakout , Cache became an official map. Originally a custom map for Counter-Strike: Source , it was remade for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with rebalances to fix the original’s Terrorist-sided issues. The map takes place in Pripyat, Ukraine. The Chernobyl Power Plant is visible from the Terrorist spawn, along with nearby buildings and even fencing material consistent with the real-life counterpart.

The CT Spawn is located in a garage on one side of the map. After exiting the CT Spawn, the CTs can defend Bombsite A by turning left and going past a Truck, defend Middle by going forwards and through a short pathway called CT Connector, or defend Bombsite B by turning right, which gives them access to Heaven an elevated platform overlooking Bombsite B or the main doors to B. The T Spawn is located in an open field on the side opposite to the CTs.

Bombsite A encompasses a parking area. A long slope called Highway connects the area to Middle. Ts can enter the area via Long A or A Main.

CSGO Update For 02/10/2019

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Gone are Austria and Subzero, to be replaced by a returning Zoo and Abbey, with a new version of Vertigo also having been added for Wingman matchmaking. The changes mark the end of Subzero, the community-created map designed in part by FMPONE, but the enigmatic map designed had some other news for fans of the competitive scene on Twitter. While Valve are tweaking the casual maps that can be played in CS, FMPONE was tweeting an image of Cache, the competitive classic, that suggested the long-awaited remake is at least halfway done.

Zoo will make fans happy of course, and Austria is unlikely to be missed, but it is a bit odd to remove the fan creation so quickly after it was introduced into the game.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is never out of business. Even with the lot of controversies around the decision, Vertigo was never replaced back with Cache. Players have been waiting for the re-release of the map to see the new design one of the most loved maps of Counter Strike. The Cache map was announced and shown at the ESL One New York event, where the new map was made public and the re-works were shown to the players. After the grand-final at the event, it was confirmed that the new Cache map will be released on October The map will enter into the competitive play pool back after some testing.

The creators of this re-designed map also had a small chat about the making of the new map with ESL. They discussed about the whole process of designing the map again and how much it has been tweaked since it was taken down of the competitive map pool. Listen for yourself what the creators had to say here —. The new map has some tweaks in the visuals and the overall look of the map.

What are your thoughts on the new re-designed Cache map? Do let us know your views in the comment section below. Follow us for more content like this and to get the latest news of the gaming community! Want to know more about us?

Cache update is now complete, possible release date teased

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